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The future of Robotics

Speed, precision, power

Servo electric 3/5-Axis Robots

The servo electric 3/5-axis robots grant reduced cycle times, connection with the machine as well as reduced costs. They are the perfect solution not only in case of limited space near the machine, but also for a very heavy load to carry.

Swing-arm Robots

The swing-arm robots, connected to injection moulding machines with tonnage ranging from 50 to 200, pick the sprue as well as the moulded piece up, thus release them both thanks to the servo electric vertical axis.

6-Axis Robots

The 6-axis robots, also known as “articulated robot arm”, grant reduced operating height, wider working area as well as 360° rotation, thus more flexibility in the operations out of the injection moulding machine, differently from the 3/5-axis robots that only allow linear or perpendicular movements. However, since the functional differences between the two models have been reduced, the best solution sometimes consists in using them both together.

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