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Horizzontal injection moulding machines


Thanks to the two-platen clamping system, the BU-V two platen series machines are extremely compact and with reduced dimensions.
This range of injection moulding machines is suitable for large and heavy moulds.

It also ensures a perfect alignment and allows to spread the clamping load on the tie-bars for a more stable and precise injection moulding machine.

The injection unit is supported by low friction bearing rails, in order to permit prompt response for highly repetitive movements.

The overlapping movements (ejection during both the opening and the screw rotation) considerably reduce cycle times, improving its energy performance. A single pump for cooling and oil filtration grants a more precise temperature control and extremely reduces contamination.

Besides, installing piston pumps with permanent magnets servomotors considerably reduces energy consumption up to 70%, compared to traditional injection moulding machines.

The optional tie bar automatic extraction system permits to simplify the mould change operations in difficult conditions such as low ceiling, large moulds, etc.


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