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Horizzontal injection moulding machines

Clamping Unit

  • Two platen clamping system
  • Automatic safety door
  • High speed proportional valve for mould open and close
  • Five-stage mould open control (pressure, speed and position)
  • Automatic central grease lubrication system
  • Adjustable anti-inclination support for moving platen
  • Anti-wear plate
  • Diagonal-placed cylinders for mould fast moving
  • 3 model hydraulic ejection, two-stage adjustable pressure and speed
  • Automatic mould height adjustable
  • Hydraulic pressure sensor in clamping cylinder to detection the clamping force precisely
  • Ejection during mould open
  • Two sets of hydraulic core pulling
  • Two sets air blow
  • Euromap 67 Robot interface
  • Servo power system
  • Cooling water flow regulator
  • Low pressure mould protection
  • Oil cooling device
  • Oil level indicator and temperature detection
  • Oil temperature alarm
  • Suction filter clogging sensor
  • Back pressure control
  • Anti-vibration pads

Control Unit

  • Keba controller 10,4’’ screen with colourful display
  • Touchable screen
  • SPC control
  • Auto purge function
  • Barrel pre-heating function
  • Barrel temperature controller by PID
  • Solid stare relay component for the heater bands control circuit
  • Data locked up/multi-level password settings
  • Fast moulding parameters setting
  • 200 sets mould data can be saved
  • 256 MCF card
  • High precision transducer for injection, ejection and clamping
  • Digital linear transducer for mould close and open
  • Error auto-diagnosis
  • Multifunction alarm system
  • Monitoring system for cycles
  • Automatic graphic adjustment of proportional
  • Valve output
  • Record of data revision
  • Monitoring system for cycles and curve analysis
  • Controller operation by external mouse
  • USB connecting function
  • K-Can data transmission
  • Statistic display of cushion

Injection Unit

  • Double carriage cylinder
  • Double injection cylinder
  • Nozzle alignment adjusting device
  • Extended nozzle
  • Screw cold start prevention function
  • Linear guide rail for injection unit
  • Carriage backward in four ways (after charging after injection, before mould open, no backward)
  • Screw suck back according to relative charge position
  • High torque hydraulic motor
  • Screw RPM display on controller
  • Auto purging function
  • Ten-stage injection control (speed, pressure, position)
  • Ten-stage pressure holding control (speed, pressure, time)
  • Five-stage charging control (speed, pressure, position)
  • Injection transducer


  • Special design screws
  • bi-metallic barrel and screw
  • Tie bar automatic extraction system

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